Why is it important to know a foreign language essay

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Why Is It Important To Know A Foreign Language Essay

Foreign languages provide a competitive edge in career choices: one is able to communicate in a second language. It’s a myth that learning a new language interferes with a child’s development. When studying a foreign language students are able to see how. Many think that learning English, the international language, is the best option.English is of course an excellent choice, but I have to say it’s difficult for me to suggest just one language when my successes in life have come from speaking so many more languages than English 7 Reasons Why It's Good To Speak Another Language. This topic of this paper is ‘why English is important for Thais’, so I will explain the original of English and the reasons why English is a global language. We acquire some degree of familiarity with the foreign cultural system The Importance Of Learning A Foreign Language. It is very important to learn foreign languages. It's been kind of a long time since my last post but here I am again! located in Charlottesville, Va., near UVA. But language is much more than just a means of communication. 4 Reasons Why Learning English is so Important. Language is very important without it we would not be able to communicate verbally or written. Spanish, among all other foreign languages, seems to be the most necessary for the United States, and every U.S. Foreign language study enhances listening skills and memory.. The demand of learning this language is increasing rapidly day by day that so many hundreds and thousands of teachers in education are specializing in English…. The response was amazing! Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world. The child comes to know most of the things of the world through language. I’ve also made a video on the same topic (link at the bottom of this post). Get Your Custom Essay on Importance of Learning Languages Just from $13,9/Page Argumentative Essay: Why is it so Important to Know More than One Language We live in a multilingual world that is becoming increasingly globalized and it is therefore very important to know more than one language. If you learn English well enough to pass tests like the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) you can study in English-language universities across the globe. If you want to be a. Sociologically, language moulds the individual from infancy. It says that you want to explore and learn, that you aren’t just there for the photos and to tick items off of a list The reasons for learning a new language are varied, but the importance of learning foreign languages is universal: it will always benefit you in one way or another. You will likely get plenty of compliments on your unique skill, and a few curious glances from passersby here and then.. 4. Reasons to doubt the value of reading. We would not be able to read, write or communicate with each other thoroughly. A second language can open up new doors. For example, the Washington language institute, inlingua, offers private tutoring for those taking the Foreign Service Officer Language Test. Almost 60% people in the world use English regularly. I intone the mea culpa and offer my apologies Allow me, if you will, to explain the rationale behind my about-face on the matter As a personal thing, language is not only a mode of communication between individuals but is also a way for the expression of their personality. Founded by. On the other hand science is not language. Foreign language must be an important part of this endeavor. Why Learning a Second Language in High School is So Important Last updated by Maria Andreina Fernandez Last updated November 26, 2019 Because English is a very popular language, American students tend to forget other languages may useful in their present and future life..With world business headquarters predominantly in the financial hubs of the UK and USA, English has long been the default language of trade as you can read in the history of the English language.Therefore, English is the dominant business language and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global. “Why should I bother learning a second language when everyone already speaks English?” We get this question all the time. If your main goal is to learn as efficiently as possible to converse in a language, you may well wonder why you should bother with reading. Learning Foreign Language Whether you become fluent or bilingual in English, this may mean job security and more rewarding opportunities. Language is an expression and a mode of communication. You could run into a person of another culture that speaks why is it important to know a foreign language essay another language almost anywhere and it will help if you can communicate with them. It is an important attribute of his personality Language is an important part of our lives. Four out of five new jobs in the US are created as a result of foreign trade.. Language teaching and culture teaching have a dual nature. About 315 million people in 58 countries speak the Arabic as their first language, according to Ethnologue Learning Arabic will make you stand out, as there are very few people from the West that speak Arabic Language is perhaps the human race's most importan invention ever. Knowledge of at least one foreign language is very important Writting an essay! These days, all borders and limits in our world become blurred thanks to the interpenetration of cultures and languages. Impress people around you. In order to conduct language teaching well, one must take up the teaching of culture and the teaching of language at the same time. student should know it. In today’s era, multilingualism has become more than just ‘important’. See the World. Whether we travel for work or pleasure, or stay in our own country, understanding one another without the barrier of language enhances our lives and that of others 2. Learning English is important and people all over the world decide to study it as a second language. It’s the language of international business. A foreign language also makes your skills more transferable in an increasingly global economy. Perhaps a best example where people of many languages thrive together is at the vibrant Speak! It is a uniquely human gift which lets us communicate and differentiates us from primates. Language is essential for any student to understand the basic concepts of science. To educate is to lead out—to lead out of confinement and narrowness and darkness. You can know many cultures of countries which is apart from your own country. Vacations to foreign countries would be more enjoyable, and it would open people’s minds to the. When teaching a foreign language, linguistics is important to a language teacher in that providing historical context to word origins can help students better comprehend the language. The literal answer is language. “An emotional reaction could lead to decisions that are motivated more by fear than by hope, even. Learning a Foreign Language 1,369 words People in the United States should learn how to understand and speak a foreign language because it can limit the barriers between different people. “It’s not just about language. They also start reading earlier, and are better at understanding grammar People often want to know the best language to learn to get ahead in life. Why Study a foreign language essays Studying a foreign language is very helpful in today's society because of the diversity that we have in our country. Language is very important without it we would not be able to communicate verbally or written. Now, we should not know JUST English, we should learn more. In foreign language class, we have the chance to discuss important current events and global issues — an opportunity we don’t have in many courses. Learning a new language is always an exciting experience. Children who speak a foreign language perform better on standardized tests in math and English than their monolingual peers. Rather, foreign language instruction should be a core element to our education and taught as early as possible Homepage > Writing Samples > Academic Writing Samples > Essay Samples > Persuasive Essay Samples > Why You Should Start… Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, a Czech sociologist and philosopher, said once, “As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being.” It is difficult to deny the wisdom of these words 5. The pursuit of foreign language education should not be considered a luxury to be sought by a few. Here’s my take. In Education: English is important for higher education and. It's just like when I wrote about the importance of traveling , you can broaden your horizons when you expose yourself to different cultures Foreign language study enhances one’s opportunities in government, business, medicine, law, technology, military, industry, marketing, etc. It gives learners the ability to have a different perspective and context. Traveling as a speaker of the local language can revolutionize a trip abroad. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”- Nelson Mandela. Reasons to learn Arabic. “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. “There is an assumption that it’s only the CEO or businessman who flies around the world needs it.” “There is a well-documented cognitive benefit for learning a second language,” he says. A second language can also help when traveling, especially a common one such as Spanish or French. The importance of learning a foreign language Cristian in Language Tips When the majority of people say “I’m going to learn a new language this year” they never really think of the importance of learning a foreign language and how it can help them for years to come “Learning a second language should be for all children,” he says. The following is from 6 Importance Of English: Today importance of English needs no explanation.English is important for a number of reasons: In Business: English is used widely by international business community.To communicate across national borders and maintain correspondence with overseas business parties or professionals,English is essential. If you subscribe to the worldview that every individual contributes something important to the whole, then you’ll realize how important learning a foreign language can be At present time, only one mother language is not enough for a person. Now, research shows that children who study a foreign language perform better in their native language than non-bilingual students, as measured on standardized tests. I love to learn foreign languages very much Increase self-esteem: feel great about who you are after mastering a foreign language. It would be more effective if science is introduced to a student in his/her mother tongue. Become a strong member of society. It improves your skills in. There are many schools in Thailand that have Mini English Program, such as Benjamamaharaj School, Singsamut School, etc. That’s why an increasing number of people actively learn new languages. It keeps us in contact with other people.